Sound Devices 888 16-CH / 20-Track Portable Compact Mixer-Recorder


✔️ 8 ultra low-noise, 8-series microphone preamplifiers

✔️ 16 channels, 10 buses, 20 tracks

✔️ 16 channels of Dante I/O

✔️ Cable-free wireless audio integration with SL-2 & A20-Nexus

✔️ 256 GB internal SSD, 2 SD card slots


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Unprecedented Recording Power

The Sound Devices 888 portable mixer-recorder is compact and light enough to use in a bag, yet has the high channel count and power required for mobile cart productions. The 888 is the smallest portable mixer-recorder on the market that offers Dante for sending and receiving audio over Ethernet. With 8 ultra low-noise, 8-Series microphone preamplifiers, 16 channels, 20 tracks, multiple powering methods, and support for multiple USB control surfaces, the 888 can be easily tailored to your workflow. An updated processing architecture and multiple FPGAs enables the 888 to be fully routable: any physical input may be sent to any track, bus, or output. 

Many features have carried over from the premium Sound Devices’ Scorpio, such as the new 8-Series preamplifier design, 2 SD card slots, internal 256GB SSD, and dual L-Mount battery charging and powering. Alternatively, power your 888 using a smart battery, NP-1 battery, or an in-line power supply via its TA4 DC input. The ultra-accurate, fully-featured timecode generator contains its own battery to hold timecode for up to four hours after power off. 

Dedicated coms and slate allows for professional bi-directional communication with other crew members. Send customized mixes to the camera or crew with multiple mix buses. With the ability to record to three media simultaneously, you can turn over an SD card to production, AAC files for transcription, and keep a backup on the internal 256 GB SSD.

A built-in three band EQ may be set to either pre- or post-fade for each channel to tackle any problems directly on-set. Enable Dugan Automixing or MixAssist to automatically attenuate unused microphones in multi-microphone applications. Up to 16 channels can be automixed at a time. If you are recording in a noisy environment, enable the optional NoiseAssist or CEDAR sdnx plugins to suppress common background noises instantly on-location.

Get the perfect fit on your cart with the Sound Devices CL-16 or one of several other supported USB control surfaces for remote fader and transport control. Download the companion Android and iPad app, SD-Remote, to access to transport controls, metering, and sound reports on a large touch screen. The SL-2 Dual SuperSlot Wireless Module easily mounts to the top panel, providing up to four channels of wireless audio in each slot.

Elevate your kit with the 888 Portable Production Mixer-Recorder.

The 888 ships with the XL-WPTA4, XL-ANT2.4, and includes 1 XL-LCD-PROTECT protective cover.

Register your 888 to upgrade your 1 year warranty to a 2 year warranty.


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