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Sound Devices

Sound Devices designs and manufactures professional audio equipment for film, television, and more. The company is based in Reedsburg, Wisconsin and has offices in Madison, Wisconsin and Watford, UK.

Sound Devices has been dedicated to providing high-quality, innovative, and dynamic audio products for over 20 years.

Sound professionals use Sound Devices equipment on the sets of award-winning films, TV shows, and documentaries, such as La La Land, The Revenant, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Game of Thrones.

The company’s equipment has also been used in a variety of challenging environments, including the world’s highest mountains, the hottest deserts, and the depths of the ocean. Sound Devices is known for its rugged durability and exceptional audio performance.

The Cinema Audio Society (CAS) has awarded several of Sound Devices’ products with its prestigious Technical Achievement Award, including the 633 compact production mixer, 664 field production mixer, 788T-SSD portable audio recording system, 970 half-rack audio recorder, SL-6 powering and wireless system, MixPre-10T audio recorder and USB interface, Scorpio portable mixer-recorder, and CL-16 linear fader control surface. The company has also been recognised by the Association of Motion Picture Sound (AMPS) and other industry publications and organisations.

DPA Microphones

Designing microphones with amazing sound, exceptional consistency and outstanding durability is no easy feat. DPA Microphones draws on more than six decades of world-class microphone design experience. This history starts back in the 1950s, when DPA’s predecessor, Brüel & Kjær, developed the first, precisely accurate measurement microphones. Today, sound superiority and technical innovation is still at the heart of everything we do.

In 1992, two entrepreneurial spirits, Ole Brøsted Sørensen & Morten Støve, left Brüel & Kjær and started a transformation that affects the audio industry to this day. They turned the most well-known and accurate measurement microphones in the world into the clearest, truest pro-audio microphones you can purchase today. The 4006 Omnidirectional Microphone was one of the first recording mics DPA developed and is still one of the best-loved recording mics in the world.

Bubblebee Industries

Bubblebee Industries has been “Making Sound Sound Better,” creating high-quality microphone wind protection and sound accessories for the major sound industries across the globe since 2011.

Based in Denmark, Bubblebee Industries was founded by Poul Mejer, a veteran sound mixer specialising in reality TV productions. 

Poul needed a windscreen for his lavalier microphone that was practical, aesthetically pleasing, and would retain as much of the microphone’s natural sound as possible, whilst effectively protecting the microphone from wind noise. Hence, “The Windbubble” was created. World-renowned, and used for wind protection in the major sound industries including location sound, film, broadcast, and live music. It also caters for other industries such as, corporate, podcasting & mobile journalism (Mojo).

Bubblebee has since created other innovative accessories for sound recordists such as, The Invisible Lav Covers, The Lav Concealers, The Spacer Bubble and The Cable Saver

These exceptional products are “Designed by sound lovers for sound lovers,” and their quality is ensured through vigorous testing.

PMC Speakers

PMC is the world-leading speaker manufacturer, specialising in High-End audiophile loudspeakers for the home and cutting edge studio monitors for the world’s top music makers.

PMC designs feature its uniquely engineered Advanced Transmission Line (ATL™) technology, which provides a near identical, high resolution, wide bandwidth signal response across the complete product range. Proprietary drive units, electronics and cabinet engineering, provide unrivalled tonal accuracy, clarity and dynamic range throughout a range of designs, extending from the world’s smallest ATL™ design, the DB1i, to large scale active control room monitoring systems such as the flagship BB5-XBD-A. PMC monitor systems are in service with most of the world’s premiere music and film sound recording studios, broadcast companies, post production and audio mastering facilities.


Cinela designs and manufacturers extremely lightweight microphone suspensions & windshields for the most challenging of applications in the field of location Sound recording. The mounts are famous for their extremely low handling noise & wind protection. Cinela also offer various stereo & multiple microphone mounting solutions including XY, ORTF & MS. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can always ask!