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Viviana was founded in 2017, from a desire to make a difference in the world of location sound recording. With a background working on sets, both locally and abroad, I identified a gap in the market for innovative sound department accessories, and made my move to create the perfect brand.

It was not an easy road. Finding the ideal fabric was proving impossible, and I spent months scouting for the right supplier. One morning, whilst working alongside a young sound recordist I had taken under my wing, I casually asked her, “Viviana, I’m looking to source technical fabric to make wraps. I don’t suppose you know anyone who could help?” To which she replied, “Sure. My dad works in textiles!”

We quickly got to work, crafting the very first product that was entirely Made in Italy. To show my gratitude, I chose Viviana to be the namesake of the brand, and Viviana Straps was born.

The market response was overwhelming and, just a year later, we released the Fasce Extreme model–a unique product featuring grip across the entire band. That was a real game-changer, and it fuelled my excitement for further collaborations with engineers. In 2018, while shooting Masterchef, I approached my current partner, Mauro, with a proposal to develop a new range of products under the Viviana brand. The Pads, Beetles, and Dots were launched soon after.

By now we had a global distribution network, and we’d reached as far as the Hollywood sets! In 2018 we appeared at Broadcast Asia in Singapore and at the Micro Salon in Italy. In 2019 we had a strong presence at NAB, the largest broadcast fair in Las Vegas. By 2020 Viviana Straps was a force to be reckoned with. It was then that I decided to finish developing an idea I’d first conceived back in 2017: the Viviana Cloud. Having the option to upload recordings directly from the set had been a dream of mine. I got to developing a prototype and presented it to audio giant Sound Devices. Together with renowned product manager Paul Isaac, I struck a deal for the Viviana Cloud to be approved for use with all Sound Devices recorders. By 2021 the Viviana brand had reached yet another major milestone: it had successfully added tech innovation to sound department capabilities.

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