DPA DRK4001 Ultimate Recording Microphone Kit


The DPA DRK4001 Ultimate Recording Microphone Kit

✔️ Includes 25+ top-of-the-line, professional DPA condenser microphones

✔️ Close to 100 functional accessories

✔️ Modular Kit

✔️ Versatile Assortment of Clips



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The Ultimate Mic Kit (As the name suggests)

As the name suggests, this is DPA Microphones’ flagship microphone bundle – a truly amazing “ultimate” studio recording kit, filled to the brim with tons of the best professional mics, mounts, clips and other accessories available on the market. With three full layers of goodies; containing 25+ top-of-the-line, professional DPA condenser microphones and close to 100 functional accessories, there is no other kit that can handle miking a full-service recording studio in such style.

What’s in the box 

The DRK4001 Ultimate Recording Microphone Kit contains the following mics and accessories.


4x 4099-DC-1 Instrument Microphone (Loud SPL)
6x 4099-DC-2 Instrument Microphone (Extreme SPL)
1x 4055 Kick Drum Microphone
2x 2011C Twin Diaphragm Cardioid Microphone
2x 4006A Omnidirectional Microphone (Matched Stereo Pair)
2x 4011A Cardioid Microphone (Matched Stereo Pair)
2x 4015A Wide Cardioid Microphone (Matched Stereo Pair)
2x 4018ER Supercardioid Microphone (Matched Stereo Pair)
2x 4041-SP Omnidirectional Large Diaphragm Microphone (Matched Stereo Pair)
1x MMC4018V Supercardioid Pencil Microphone Capsule, linear with high-end boost
1x MMC4018VL Supercardioid Pencil Microphone Capsule, linear
1x 2028-B-B01 Vocal Microphone


5x DC4099 Clip for Drum
1x CC4099 Clip for Cello
1x BC4099 Clip for Bass
2x MS4099 Stand Mount for Gooseneck
4x CM4099 Clamp Mount
1x GC4099 Clip for Guitar
3x PC4099 Clip for Piano
2x STC4099 Clip for Sax and Trumpet
2x UC4099 Clip for Universal Use
3x VC4099 Clip for Violin and Mandolin
1x GE4099 Gooseneck Extension
4x CM1618B00 MicroDot Extension Cable
10x CM2218B00 Heavy-Duty MicroDot Extension Cable
4x DAD4099-BC Adapter for MicroDot to XLR with Belt Clip & Low Cut
2x GSM4000 Gooseneck Shock Mount
2x CSM4000 Compact Shock Mount
10x UA0639 Clip for Pencil Mic
2x MC4001 Clip for MMP-E
2x Grid for 4006 Close-miking grid, trapezoid, Silver for 4006
2x Grid for 4006 Diffuse-field grid, Black for 4006
1x FAADPA2B Handle for d:facto™ Vocal Microphone (XLR)
1x DUA0710 Microphone Grid for d:facto™ Vocal Microphone
1x DUA0415 Mic Clip
8x DAD6001-BC Adapter for MicroDot to 3-pin XLR with Belt Clip
1x UA0837 Premium Stereo Boom
1x CXO4000 Compact XY/ORTF Stereo Holder for Pencil Microphone
2x UA0897 Shock Mount
2x GM1500 Gooseneck Mount
2x APE50RS Acoustic Pressure Equalizer, 50 mm Ball
6x UA0961 Microphone Holder
6x Foam Windscreen Foam wind screens for Pencil mics
4x Foam Windscreen Foam wind screens for 2011C
1x 5/8 Thread Part of Premium Stereo Boom

A few tips:

  • Due to the modularity of the pencil mics, you can use the capsule on any A/C/E preamplifier
  • Go from pencil to gooseneck solution easily
    Any pencil mic capsule + MMP-ER + GSM4000 Gooseneck Shock Mount + Any 4099 Instrument Mic Clip
  • Create the vocal mic to fit your needs
    FAADPA2B Handle + MMC4018V (high-end boost) OR MMC4018VL (linear) + DUA0710 Microphone Grid
  • Versatile clips solve your challenges
    • CM4099 Clamp Mount is a versatile alligator-style clip
    • PC4099 Piano Mount is magnetized and can be used on metal surfaces
    • UC4099 is a Velcro strap solution that can fit on wide range of instruments


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