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DPA Bodyworn

DPA Microphones: How mic placement affects the voice

The sound of the voice varies a lot depending on the position of the listener or the microphone used to pick up the sound of…

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Dpa Microphones

DPA Microphones: Numbers in Audio

Even though we work with audio and our primary assessment tools are the ears and the heart, sometimes we need to use numbers to describe…

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DPA Microphones: How to mic a kick (bass) drum

Guidelines for miking the kick (bass) drum This article will give you some information about the kick (bass) drum as well as guidelines on close miking…

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Proximity effect

DPA Microphones: Proximity effect in microphones explained

Proximity is when a microphone produces more bass by getting closer to the sound source (a point – or line source). This article takes you…

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DPA Microphones: Know the basics about phantom power

All condenser microphones need power. Phantom power is the primary standard for professional microphones. Here are answers to 10+ of the most frequent questions about…

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DPA Microphones: Live Streaming & Microphone Techniques

Is there a unique microphone technique for streaming? Not really. However, often live streaming is characterised by transmission involving the smallest workforce possible. The rule…

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DPA Microphones: Tolerances in Microphone Production

When you look at the sensitivity of a microphone on its spec sheet, you will find a nominal value and a tolerance of that stated…

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